Explore African Great Lakes

Also referred to as the Republic of Zambia, the country is land locked and is situated in the Southern Part of Africa neighboring numerous different countries like DR Congo in the North, Malawi in the East, Tanzania in the North East, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia in the South, Angola in the West, with Lusaka as the capital city located in the South central part of the country. The city is fully concentrated as well as the Copperbelt province in the North West. The country received its independence on the 24th of October 1964 from the British colonialists with numerous natural attractions like wildlife, vast water bodies, beautiful sceneries as well as open green vegetation terrain. The people are welcoming and very hospitable to all kinds of travelers looking to experience the best safari adventure encounters while on holiday vacation safari in the country. The prominent stunning Victoria Falls lie with in the country as well as other seven magnificent waterfalls and cultural encounters/ interactions are supported since travelers usually get the chance to communicate, explore and enjoy company with the local people.


Being a land locked country in the Southern part of Africa with Angola in the East, the country has a total area of 752 618 km2 of which 9,220 km2 is covered by water. The country it borders include; Angola in a distance of 1,110 km, DR Congo 1,930 km, Malawi 837 km, Namibia 223 km, Mozambique 419 km, Tanzania 338 km, Zimbabwe 797 km and Botswana in less than 1 km. The relief of the country is mainly high plateau with Mountains and hills and the lowest point being the Zambezi River at 329 m ASL with the highest being Mafinga central in the Mafinga Hills at 2,339 m ASL. The topography of the country has elevated plantation surfaces with the biggest portion stretching from West to East from the Kalahari Basin. The land falls from the upper Congo towards the Zambezi depression forming a plateau.


The country has a tropical climate with a moderate altitude consisting of a rainy season that occurs from the Month of October/ November to March/April. There are three major seasons in the country and these include the cool dry season from April to August, a hot dry season from August to November and the warm wet season from November to April. In November there is greater heat then maximum rainfall is received in December. The annual rainfall received is more than 700 mm in the Southern regions where as in the Northern regions they receive more than 1,100 mm. The largest man made lake in Africa is found in the country and this is called lake kariba.


The country has less Mountainous areas despite it having the biggest portion of the prominent Miombo woodlands as well as flood plains and vast lakes. The vegetation is different from that of the neighboring countries and this includes Mopane or boabab, wild meldar, wild figs.

The attractions in the park include;

Water falls; the country has numerous other waterfalls to explore and experience other than the popular Victoria Falls as well as rapids, cascades, flumes and cataracts along the various waterways that cross through the country.

National Parks; there are also game reserves and the North as well as the South parks that inhabit the hippos and the luangwa river which inhabit many crocodiles.

Rivers; other than the waterfalls, National Parks, the country has rivers like the common River Zambazi that traverses through the country, the Luangwa river as well as the Kafue river which provide excellent fishing opportunities, canoeing experiences as well as wildlife safaris.

Vast lakes; the country is bordered by the longest Lake in the world i.e Lake Tanganyika and consists Lake Mweru and Lake Karibu that offer amazing beach experiences.

Major Towns; the country has one of the fast growing cities in Africa called Lusaka and this offers exceptional safari experiences as well as unique adventures. The historic town of Livingstone has become Africa’s Adventure capital.


  • White water Rafting & Riverboading; this is a very remarkable safari activity to be taken on by all travelers and happens along River Zambezi below the prominent Victoria Falls. There are vigorous rapids on which this happens and all travelers that take it on will have scenic views at the Batoka Gorge. All trips here range from just a couple of hours to six full days till Lake Kariba. There are three different types of rafting experiences that take place and these include; High water from February- June, Lower water from July-January and Multi day rafting.
  • Under the Spray Tours; this involves transferring at the bottom of the prominent Victoria Falls hence having a clear view of the falls while they pour from up above while at the gorge. You can as well as swim in the rock pools watching the rainbow.
  • Canoeing safaris; this takes place at the upper part of River Zambezi where travelers will have beautiful views at the numerous wildlife species as well as the scenic vegetation terrain. The animals you will spot include; elephants, hippos, crocodiles and bird species.
  • Jet Extreme Zambia; this takes place for a period of 30 minutes along the Zambezi River and involves powering through the vigorous rapids of the river spinning the jet along the buzzing rocks around the Batoka Gorge.
  • Livingstone’s Adventure Cruises; this involves transferring along River Zambezi on top of the vigorous rapids while viewing the terrain vegetation as well as numerous bird species flying from one place to another.
  • Rhino Walking Safaris; these take place in Livingstone’s Mosi O Tunya National Park and offer remarkable experiences to all travelers since they involve trekking for the white rhinos in their habitat.
  • Encounter Lions; these are protected and taken care of by the Active Conservation programĀ  who have worked hard so as to preserve the African Lions. The lions can be watched and encountered by all travelers that get there.
  • United Air Charter; travelers that take on these have the chance to enjoy watching the magnificent River Zambezi as well as wildlife animals grazing on the green terrain vegetation. You will fly over the waterfalls and charter work as you sip on champagne and eat snacks.
  • Bungee Jumping; this offers exceptional encounters to all travelers looking to experience remarkable adventures while on vacation holiday in Zambia. This takes place at the famous Victoria Falls Bridge and requires a 4 seconds free fall into the air.
  • Walking with lions; this is a remarkable safari experience to encounter as you will be transferring with the Kings of the jungle from one place to another as they take you around the various tracks in the park.
  • Elephant back safaris; these take place about 10 km upriver from the popular River Zambezi and involve transferring from one place to another while seated along the backs of the huge elephants which is an exceptional encounter.
  • Angling Safaris; these are very remarkable to all sport anglers around the world and are done along the Zambezi River. Take on this and catch the Tiger fish which is known to be the most sporting and fighting fish in the world an experience that is so beautiful.