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Lake Wamala- Uganda Water Bodies

Lake Wamala is a freshwater lake in Uganda. Its wetlands contain endangered species of birds and animals including the Sitatunga .This Lake is of traditional and cultural significance to the people of Buganda in Central Uganda. This lake is shared by the districts of Mubende and Mityana in the Central Region of Uganda. The road distance between downtown Mityana and Kalyankoko, Kimuli, Mityana District, on the eastern shores of Lake Wamala is approximately 17 kilometres.

Lake Wamala has very many islands including Lwanju Island, Mabo Island,Bagwe Island, Kiraza, Kazinga, among others. Several rivers flow into the lake including the River Nyanzi,  River Kitenga,  River Kaabasuma, River Mpamujugu, and  River Bbimbye. The lake is drained by the Kibimba River into the Katonga River, which in turn drains into Lake Victoria.

The vegetation surrounding Lake Wamala is dominated by papyrus, other floaters and water-based vegetation. There are also trees such as Raphia and other palms. A variety of animal species such as sitatunga, wild pigs, hippopotamus, bushbuck, waterbuck, vervet monkey, baboon, guinea fowl, and turaco live near the lake. Existing fish species include tilapia, catfish, and lungfish.