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Lake Nabugabo- Uganda Water Bodies

This magnificent lake is found in Masaka district in the central region located on the major highway linking up the western part of the country to the capital city.This lake is approximately 23 kilometres by road, east of the town of Masaka.Lake Nabugabo is a satellite lake of Lake Victoria being only 4 kilometres  away from its shores.

High human population densities and a reliance on subsistence agriculture are reflected in the heavy dependency of the neighboring community on the lake ecosystem. The poor agricultural practices have impacts on the water quality and food production.

Lake Nabugabo was formed as a result of sand dunes resulting from strong winds. This lake is separated from Lake Victoria by a sand bar.

The catchment area of this lake is home to two endemic flowering plants not found elsewhere, and fourteen species in Uganda are known only in this area. The most striking character of the rare Nabugabo plants is the relative dominance of carnivorous plants.

The fauna ecosystem consists of a wide variety of key animal communities. Hippopotamus and sitatunga are found. Among the birds, kingfishers and crested crane are also found.Lake Nabugabo is an important stop-over point for a number of species of migratory birds. Thus making it a very good camping site and retreat for various people.