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Lake George – Uganda Water Bodies

Lake George lies in the western branch of the Great Rift Valley. It is a small shallow lake and it is supplied by inflows from the Rwenzori mountain range and from the agricultural area towards the northeast.The major flows to this lake include Rumi, Mubuku and Nsonge from Rwenzori and Mpanga and Dura from the northeast. The major outflow is the Kazinga Channel which drains towards Lake Edward. The northern lake shore is lined with papyrus swamp. The level of water fluctuates very little.

The lake experiences two rainy seasons with rainfall peaks in May and October and the monthly mean. The lake is highly productive and lucrative fishing takes place on it.

Like lake Victoria, lake George in the region, it was named after a member of the British royal family, in this case Prince George, later to become King George V of the United Kingdom. Lake George drains to the southwest into Lake Edward through the Kazinga Channel.

Explorer Henry M. Stanley was the first European to see the lake in 1875, after following the course of the Katonga river from Lake Victoria. Thinking it was part of Lake Albert, he named it Beatrice Gulf. On his second visit in 1888 through 1889, he realized that there were two independent lakes, and gave it its current name.