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Lake Edward- Uganda Lakes & Water Bodies

Lake Edward is one of the great lakes of Africa lying in the western Rift Valley.  The Main inflows to Lake Edward are the Nyamugasani River which drains the southwestern end of the Rwenzoris, and Ishasha, Rutshuru and Rwindi Rivers from the Kigezi and Rwanda highlands and the Virunga volcanoes in the south. The annual contribution from the Kazinga Channel is probably small compared with that from the rivers. The amount of water flowing through the lake, exclusive of evaporation, can be seen at the outflow via the Semliki River at Ishango in the northwest which is 30-40 m wide.

Lake Edward lies completely within the Virunga National Park (Congo) and the Queen Elizabeth National Park (Uganda) and does not have extensive human habitation on its shores. About two-thirds of its waters are in the DR Congo and one third in Uganda. The main Ugandan settlements are Mweya and Katwe in the north-east, near the crater lake of that name, which is the chief producer of salt for Uganda.

The Mweya Safari Lodge is the main tourist facility, serving both Lake Edward and Lake Katwe. The nearest cities are Kasese in Uganda to the north-east and Butembo in DR Congo, to the north-west, which are respectively about 50 km and 150 km distant by road.

Lake Edward is home to many species of fish which include tilapia,nile perch,mud fish as well as lung fish. Fishing is an important activity among local residents. Fauna living on the banks of the lake – including chimpanzees, elephants, crocodiles, and lions – are protected by the national parks. The area is also home to many perennial and migratory bird species.