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Gorilla Trekking Adventures in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National park

Welcome to the Country of rolling hills-Rwanda which is located in the central and Eastern Africa, Rwanda is one of the candid land locked countries in Africa situated just a few kilometers off the equator bordering different counties which include Uganda in the North West, Kenya in the North East, Tanzania in the South East, Burundi in the South as well as the DR Congo in the West. The country comprises of Mountains in the West, Savannah in the East with many different Lakes around the various regions around the country. There are many people with diverse origins as well as cultures and these include; the Hutus, Tutsi, Twa. The Tutsis and Hutu are the most prominent settlers who live around the city as well as the suburbs where as the Twa are forest dwelling people who originated from the early inhabitants of Rwanda. Christianity is the prominent religion around the country with Kinyarwanda being the most spoken language although English and French are the official languages used in trading and interaction. The president of the country in called Paul Kagame who took office in 2000 and the parliament is filled with numerous women which is rare in all the neighboring countries. The country depends on subsistence agriculture with the main cash crops being coffee and tea. The country covers an area of 26,338 km2 (10,169 sq mi) with very hospitable people who are welcoming to all kinds of travelers/ tourists that visit the country. Around the country there are rolling hills that make the country a very remarkable country to transfer to while in Africa and the roads are well developed with busy interactions on the sides.


Being the world’s 149 th largest country, Rwanda has a high altitude with the Rusizi River being the lowest at 950 metres (3,117 ft) ASL. It is landlocked with various countries bordering it and these include Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, DR Congo which also have numerous safari attractions to offer to all kinds of travelers that transfer to then while on holiday vacation. The country is located near the equator with the busy, clean city of Kigali being the capital.


Rwanda has a temperate tropical highland climate with Kigali city as their capital city having a typical daily temperature between 12 °C (54 °F) and 27 °C (81 °F). The temperature is low which is not usual in all tropical countries. The country experiences a long rainy season which goes from the month of March to May where as the dry season happens in the months of  June to mid-September. The short rainy season takes place from the Months of October to November then the short dry season happens in the months of December to January and this includes some sunshine as well as light clouds that come as a result of high altitude. The dry season is the most appropriate season to visit the country while on vacation in Rwanda and those specifically looking for a Mountain Gorilla Tracking adventure should transfer here to enjoy the best of the Gorillas in the dry months since the rain is not heavy and the vegetation/ bushes are not over grown hence enhancing clear good photography of these gentle giants. Ensure to also carry light clothing to put on while it is hot and thick warm clothing like the sweater, woolen socks, as well as jackets to cover and protect you from coldness in case it rains.


Rwanda has Nyungwe Rain forest as one of its vast well preserved forests since most of the country’s rain forests have been cut for settlement, industrialization, agriculture, etc by the people of Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park also has vegetation terrain which includes the Mountainous part as well as the bamboo. Nyungwe receives over 2000 mm of rain per year with rich biodiversity including approximately 200 species of tree, 13 different primates with the chimpanzees being the most prominent, monkeys as well as orchids. along the rolling hills, there is grassland and moorland as well as terraced agriculture despite the fact that some areas have soil erosion. In the East around the poorer soils lies Savannah, broad leafed woodland species, grasses, acacias as well as open woodland. In Akagera National Park, you will find papyrus swamps and riverine forest.

Top Attractions in Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking

  • It is one of the most prominent safari activity that attracts millions of travelers to Rwanda while on holiday
  • It is carried out at Volcanoes National Park which is situated in Kinigi Ruhengeri.
  • There are 10 Gorilla families that can be tracked in the park
  • Carry the right gear to enjoy every point while tracking these rare species in the thick forest vegetation like sweater, long sleeved shirts, long pants that are not jeans, trekking boots, gardening gloves.
  • The Gorilla trekking permit costs US $1500 per person to track a Gorilla group in the park
  • The Gorilla families in the park live hierarchically with a dominant male Gorilla called a silver back leading, followed by the adult females, them young Gorillas called Black backs then the juveniles that are always playing come in.
  • You will track the Gorillas in company of an experienced ranger guide who will inform you a lot about the Gorillas
  • You will track these for a period of 3-5 hours and when you meet them you will spend an hour taking photos of these enjoying their habitat to the fullest through breast feeding, copulating, playing, leading etc.

Chimpanzee Tracking

  • This is also a prominent safari activity carried out in Rwanda at Nyungwe Forest National Park
  • They can be tracked for a period of 3-5 in groups of 6-8 individuals and when you meet them, you will spend an hour in their presence taking beautiful photos to keep for memories
  • They live in groups called communities where the dominant male called the Alpha Male leads, followed by adult females then young chimps and the juveniles come in later.
  • They share 98% DNA with the humans and tend to be social and intelligent with curiosity especially when approached.
  • They are beautiful to watch as they breast feed, forage, copulate, play, lead, patrol etc around their thick habitats i.e thick forest vegetation.
  • The chimpanzee tracking permits in Nyungwe cost US$90-non-residents,US$60-resident foreigners, citizens 500Rwf, US $10-EAC Nationals, US $60 for EAC Foreign Residents, Rwf2 500-Rwandan Citizen Students, US $5-EAC Students, US $ 30-Foreign Resident Students per day.
  • This is an exciting safari activity to take on by all kinds of travelers that transfer here for safari vacation holidays.

Wildlife Safaris Akagera

  • These are taken on in the prominent Akagera National park while on game drive traversing from one track to another
  • You will pay park entrance fees then with an experienced guide you will transfer through the park watching the unique wildlife animals.
  • The wildlife animal species you will spot include; bush bucks, water bucks, lions, buffalo, elephants etc
  • The park also includes Lake Ihema which is the largest around the park.
  • Boat cruises also take place along the Akagera River and these offer opportunities to spot hippos as well as crocodiles beneath the waters.
  • The park is dominated by riverine green forests, papyrus swamps, Savannah plains.
  • The Akagera River flows along the Eastern border of the Park and was the reason behind the naming of the park.
  • Bird watching is also a prominent activity here for the park inhabits numerous species like the commonly sought after Shoebill stork.
  • Sports fishing is also a very famous safari activity carried out along the Lake by all travelers interested and these are expected to carry their own fishing gear.

Lake Kivu

  • This is one of the vast volcanic lakes in Africa
  • It has its shores in both countries i.e Rwanda and the DR Congo
  • it offers exceptional swimming and beach experiences to all kinds of travelers that transfer to Rwanda’s Gisenyi on holiday
  • It is a wonderful lake offering exceptional birding adventure holidays to all travelers and consists of many different islands.
  • It pours its waters in River Rusizi which flows Southwards into Lake Tanganyika which is the longest fresh water lake as well as the second deepest lake in the world.
  • The lake covers an area of 2,700 km2 (1,040 sq mi)