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Lake Turkana- Kenya Water Bodies

Lake Turkana was formerly known as Lake Rudolf and is also one of the Kenyan Rift Valley lakes and its far north end crosses into Ethiopia. It is the world’s largest permanent desert lake and the world’s largest alkaline lake. By volume it is the world’s fourth-largest salt lake and among all lakes it ranks 24th.

Lake Turkana is now threatened by the construction of Gilgel Gibe III Dam in Ethiopia due to the damming of the Omo river which supplies most of the lake’s water. The water is potable but not palatable. It supports a rich lacustrine wildlife. The climate is hot and very dry.

The rocks of the surrounding area are predominantly volcanic. Central Island is an active volcano, emitting vapour. Outcrops and rocky shores are found on the east and south shores of the lake, while dunes, spits and flats are on the west and north, at a lower elevation.

Due to temperature, aridity and geographic inaccessibility, the lake retains its wild character. Nile crocodiles are found in great abundance on the flats. The rocky shores are home to scorpions and carpet vipers.

Lake Turkana region is home to hundreds of species of birds and most of them are native to Kenya. The East African Rift System also serves as a flyway for migrating birds, bringing in hundreds more. The birds are essentially supported by plankton masses in the lake which also feed the fish.

Some birds more common to Turkana are the little stint and the wood sandpiper and the common sandpiper. The African skimmer nests in the banks of Central Island. The greater flamingo wades in its shallows.

The lake formerly contained Africa’s largest population of Nile crocodiles and also has a large population of large water turtles particularly in the area of Central Island.


  • The capital city here is called Zanzibar City with a historical city called Stone City
  • The word Zanzibar means “black Coast”
  • The main industries here are; spices, raffia, and tourism producing materials like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper
  • These are mostly found in Zanzibar and these offer exceptional peace and relaxation to all travelers.
  • They are found in the Eastern coast with prolonged coral reefs with white sand beaches including coconut palms as well as small coves.
  • In the South west are islands with isolated beaches which offer the best picnic experiences to all travelers
  • The island is one of the best getaways in Africa for all tourists/ travelers looking to experience a honeymoon adventure to the fullest.