Visit Uganda sightseeing and the great primates before you die “I love Uganda”

When planning for honey moon vacation in Africa, Uganda has to be your first priority and after your vacation you will get the meaning of Uganda being called the “pearl of Africa”. Uganda has got variety of wildlife, great primates like the endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys among other primates, the unforgettable waterfalls, hospitable Ugandans and their cultural aspects.

My husband and I were 2 out of the 8 Americans who were on this 2 week adventure to Murchison Falls and Bwindi. I can honestly say that Uganda is my favorite countries out of the three that we visited (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania). Of course we had vehicle trouble but the people of Uganda made it so much fun. We had vehicle trouble in the other 2 countries as well. But remember people, we were in Africa! No freeways and no paved back roads. I hope they don’t get paved roads to Bwindi or Murchison as well as the Serengeti. Then it will be more like Yellowstone. The thought of Africa turning into a Yellowstone, Zion, or Yosemite is disheartening. Anyhow…… Willy was wonderful. Anytime we wanted to stop (remember a group of 8) he would pull over and let us get out seeing the elephants, the hippos, the crocodiles, and even a bush pit call. His knowledge is amazing and he was just wonderful person to spend time with. If you get Willy for a guide you must ask about Uganda in general and he will get you all the information about the pearl of Africa.

If you are entertaining a trip to Africa I highly recommend Active African Vacations. And remember you are going to Africa a developing continent. Take you spirit of adventure and no expectations and you will be utterly delighted.

We had a perfect time with Sam, couldn’t have wished for a better driver! Murchison Falls was a very nice park; we saw lots of animals during the game drive and boat cruise along the River Nile. Murchison falls does not only offer these experience but there is also more sightseeing like top of the falls where you can have an unforgettable photographs as you clear view of the falls as marvel into the  gorge of the rocks, I  hope to return soon to this beautiful country the pearl of Africa.

And for my trip in Uganda Murchison falls national park was perfect for wildlife and more sightseeing, Kibale forest national park for the great chimpanzee tracking and an unforgettable Bigodi walk looking for the rare shoe bill and other primates, Queen Elizabeth national park for viewing wildlife in the savannah grassland and cruise along the Kazinga channel that connects Ramsar Lake George to Lake Edward for more wildlife viewing along the shores, visit for the unforgettable chimps in Kyambura gorge then drive to Bwindi gorilla park via the Ishasha wilderness grassland where you can view the tree African climbing lions and more wildlife species.

With fully prepared requirements we could wait to trek the mountain gorillas in the mist, when we were booking our trip with our knowledgeable tour consultant in Uganda we had to pay earlier in order to get us booked gorilla trekking permits of the Rushegura gorilla family which was so interesting from the group members and the juveniles!

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park lies in southwestern Uganda on the edge of the Rift Valley. Its mist-covered hillsides are blanketed by one of Uganda’s oldest and most biologically diverse rainforests, which dates back over 25,000 years and contains almost 400 species of plants. More famously, this “impenetrable forest” also protects an estimated 400 mountain gorillas – roughly half of the world’s population, including several habituated groups, which can be tracked once on Gorilla Tracking in Uganda.(

Uganda Gorilla Flying Safari to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest the Wild Jungle

Aero link is a flight company based in Uganda that offers domestic Flights to Ugandan National Parks of Bwindi Forest, Murchison, Kidepo and Queen Elizabeth National Park, Domestic Charter flights are an alternative transport means now being used by Tourists in Uganda who prefer to take Luxury Uganda Gorilla Trek Safari and they are commercial flights and when you choose the safari type and the means of transport to be used then contact Uganda Tour Operator including Uganda Gorilla Trek and book your Gorilla Trekking Safari. In 2010 the Civil Aeronautics Board opened charters to the public and permitted a great deal of flexibility and competitiveness. Anyone can fly a private charter. It is not restricted to an individual; groups can also charter flights.

You can fly charters into one Bwindi Impenetrable forest to trek the Mountain Gorillas and return from Bwindi to Kampala the Next day. This Uganda Gorilla Trek Flying safari can also be made one way where the plane either picks or just drops there and leaves you there and you come back to Kampala by Road depending on how your Tour Operator has organized your Uganda Gorilla trek Safari One-way tickets, known in charter-industry lingo as “half round trips”(one way tickets), can be bought. Hence, charter airlines can get you closer to your final destination than commercial airlines.

In chartered flights you deal directly with the wholesale tour operators who act as core entities like Kajjansi or Aero Link, unlike scheduled flights. In turn, the tour operators charter entire planes or segments of planes from airlines to fly specific routes at specific times. They set fares and sell tickets either through their own retail outlets, through travel agents or through discount dealerships.

The price is a main advantage of charter flights. Although the fares fluctuate considerably depending on the seasons, they cost from $1000-$1200 less than the lowest road-Gorilla trip excursion fare on a scheduled airline. Depending on the changes in the travel, the charter fares slide low on off-days and higher on weekends.
Larger Uganda tour operators with many flights to different places sell half round-trips that permit you to fly to one destination and return from another. This Uganda Gorilla Trek is always available in Uganda and thanks goes to the Ugandan Tourism board for the Great Role they have made towards the development of Transportation systems in the tourism sector.


Tourists Attractions to be visited on a Cheap Uganda Safari

Uganda well known as the pearl of Africa with 10 national parks of Bwindi Gorilla Forest, Mgahinga National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Murchison National Park,Kibale Chimpanzees, Ruwenzori National Park,,2 being Gorilla Trekking Forests or Jungles,5 Being Wildlife areas due to the Green savannah Vegetation,2 Being the Mountaineers adventurous areas, Nowhere in Africa can one find the highest concentration of Tourists attractions as those found on a Uganda safari, Nabwami Shalifah a Travel Writer  Truly  believes that apart from Kenya with many national parks for wildlife but Uganda is the best for cheap gorilla safaris apart from Rwanda and Congo that has also the Mountain Gorillas and for her she did Gorilla Trekking safari in Bwindi Gorilla Forest, but after traveling to many places and parts of Africa, it is truly justified that Uganda is the “Pearl of Africa” and this makes it the Best destination for life time safari experience . Uganda has more Forests like Mabira forest which is good for Eco Tourism and wildlife sanctuaries, many rivers like the River Nile Source in Jinja that is good for water Rafting Safaris, Jinja Town is located in the North Eastern Uganda and was the best Industrial place or Town during the Amin’s era of the time he ruled Uganda in 1970s, a group of islands on Lake Victoria like Ssese island and Bulago island which are the best paradises for honey moon vacations in Uganda , and mountains include Ruwenzori ,Elgon Bordering with Kenya. Any wildlife of any kind you may think of is in Uganda and there are many other exciting activities available to you throughout the whole country.

Uganda has a lot to offer both visitors and locals, from wildlife, cultural performances to food, fashion and sightseeing. Uganda is world renowned for its mountain gorillas, natural assets which include the ten national parks, Ruwenzori and Elgon Mountains and wildlife sanctuaries. It is located just at the centre of the second biggest continent of Africa and thus called a landlocked country.

Mountain Gorilla tracking in Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla national park as well as Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale national park plus game viewing in Murchison falls and other national parks in the country where tourists get to see the big five and other wild animals .Also Nile river activities like kayaking, bungee jumping, white water rafting plus sport fishing on the river Nile. In fact, this is one of the reasons why Uganda safaris are so popular among visiting tourists to Africa. Because when you are on Ugandan soil, it does not matter who or what you are the country always has something to offer for everyone. For those who enjoy birding tours, Uganda is a God given bird habitat because of its record of more than 1000 bird species and more than half of these birds are indigenous which means that they are found nowhere apart from Uganda. Besides fun, action and socializing, Uganda also offers you a chance to get closer to nature. It offers several ecotourism where a guide takes you into the deepest rainforests and national parks where you can experience first-hand some of the rarest and oldest species of flora and fauna found nowhere else.

Uganda is an ideal location for Holidays where you can sunbathe from January to January and also enjoy your safari activities to the fullest.

Once you book a Uganda Safari it includes the Following depending on the activities to be offered by the Tour operator

  1. Uganda Gorilla Trekking Permit (optional to those going on Gorilla Trekking)
  2. Accommodations in Lodges or campsites (optional depending on what is included in the Tour Packages
  3. English Speaking Guide since it’s the Most Language used to speak with Tourists

4×4 Car which may be a landcrusier or Mini Bus.

Mountain Gorillas in African Countries While Taking Uganda Gorilla Safari

Mountain gorillas are the Human like Human Beings, In Africa Mountain Gorillas are found in the Albertine Rift Region of Uganda and Rwanda. Among them are the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda Live in the Jungle Forest of Parc De Volcano  in the Northern province of Musazi (Rwanda) and in Uganda they are found in Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga National Parks in south Western Uganda. Man still remains as the greatest threat to their population due to poaching and this has caused a great Depletion of the Mountain Gorillas in Africa However the Ugandan and Rwanda Government have Tried their level Best to Reduce on this Poaching Practice in the Conserved areas, Visiting Mountain gorillas has been a major Contribution to their conservation

Mountain Gorillas

The 2 major populations of the Eastern group now classified as the Gorilla Beringei live in the Virunga Volcanoes region at the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo while the other lives in Bwindi National Park found in Uganda. Following chimpanzees, the gorillas are the next among the human relatives and they share approximately 97.7% of human DNA. They are the largest existing primates with an adult male weighing close to 180Kg or 400pounds, with arms of 2 meters or 7feet length. Their fur is thicker and longer than that of the lowland gorillas and their nose is slightly dissimilar to theirs in addition to other skeletal features.

 Baby Gorilla and the Gorilla Mountain gorillas cannot stay in confinement that explains why they are never found in zoos.Uganda Gorilla Trekking through the foggy forests necessitates stamina plus patience as it involves trekking for long hours on wet and muddy ground. Coming face to face with the tranquil giants is an exceptionally stunning moment. As they quietly chew their vegetarian foods, they appear as an abandoned human family. Their discipline and grooming of young ones all appears so familiar. The family of gorillas casts a cautious glance at the sudden interference of humans into their private lands, but they are soothed by the clucking the tracker makes. When aggravated, the noisy though harmless silverback bares his fangs, grunts, screeches and beats his large chest before moving away smoothly with its females, males and the young off springs.

Uganda Mountain Gorilla Trekking

About the shy magnetic creatures
With only 880 mountain gorillas left in the world, seeing these giant creatures in the wild is something only a few lucky people will ever experience in a life time. What to know where you can see mountain gorillas, where to stay, how much it costs, the number of days for a safari and want to choose the best safari company to go with. Well you don’t have to keep on scratching your head for answers as these here are some of the answers that you have been looking for.

About 480 mountain gorillas inhabit an extinct volcanic region called the Virunga Range along the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in East Africa. The other 400 or so mountain gorillas inhabit a nearby area of Bwindi Impentrable forest National Park in Uganda, a thick rainforest. It is always important to note that before you know information about where to stay, how much it costs, the number of days for a safari and want to choose the best safari company to go with, it’s more important to know more about what you are going to track before you know about the rest.

Mountain gorillas very gentle and shy and are primarily plant eaters. They need about 30 kilograms of vegetation every day to survive. They also eat insects and worms but rarely drink water because they have enough moisture in the plants.

The Life for mountain gorillas, however, is not peaceful. They are endangered in many ways. More and more people are moving to live in the rain forests. Every day they burn down trees to get more farmland, build roads, charcoal and settlements. Making their habitat of mountain gorillas is getting smaller and smaller. These gentle creatures are also threatened by poachers, who sell babies to zoos or kill them for their meat.

Because the animals are similar to humans, locals and tourists often spread diseases when they get into contact with them. Now that you know about these gentle creatures, every penny you spent on a gorilla permit is worth!! So don’t hesitate any more just book a Uganda  Gorilla safari with us and enjoy.

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